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N'M'N - No Marshal Needed - Videoblog

N'M'N - No Marshal Needed ist ein Videoblog über die 1/10 offroad Rennszene. Lee Martin ist regelmäßiger Gastgeber und berichtet aus Fahrersicht über aktuelle Rennereignisse.

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04.02.2019 15:55
Hello and welcome to the first episode of No Marshal Needed. In this episode we have an interview with Lee Martin RC, who is going to be one of the regular hosts, talk about the RC car race team. It's all dedicated to RC racing cars off road and whether it be at the level of the rc car world championships of being an RC marshal we hope you will enjoy it. RC car racing off road is what we are all about and being part of the yokomo european team so if it's 2wd, 4wd or you want to treat yourself to say, a Yokomo stadium truck we have you covered. We will cover all elements like how to race rc cars, set up, news and anything else we thing is relevant to RC car racing . We are going to do it monthly, a little more often in the summer. So click subscribe and welcome aboard. mehr ...
Einträge gesamt: 1