1/10 Electric Track touring car EGTW + Formula EGF1

RC Cars Electric track 1:10

Electric track 1:10: EG10TW the touring car RC Cars and EGF1 the Formula RC Cars. In the formula class there is the exception that only standard 21.5 turn engines are used. Standard runs with regulated engines, and 0-Boost controller setting! 1:10 Formula RC Cars do not have a modified class!

The touring car RC Cars are driven Standard and Modified.In the Modified Class there are control settings and the motors freely selectable. The running times of the individual classes also differ for the 1:10 touring car RC cars: EG10TWMO (Modified) drives 5min, EGTWSP (13.5 turn) and EGTWHO (17.5 turn) 7min, EGTWFUN (21.5 turn) 5min.

1:10 Formula and touring cars both drive with 2S Lipos.

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