1/8 Combustion Track IC8

RC Cars 1:8 combustion track

It is said that the 1:8 combustion track RC cars are the top class in RC car sport. And completely right! Speeds of 120km/h at the end of a straight are common. 1:8 combustion track RC cars are powered by 3.5ccm two-stroke engines. As fuel serves fuel with 16%, thus methanol, 16% nitromethane and approx. 8% oil content. It is 4wd vehicles with an automatic two-speed transmission, rigid rear axle and freewheel at the front axle. Foam tires are used. Track RC Cars belong on the RC Car racetrack. The complex technology as well as the high speeds require an experienced pilot. Once you have arrived in this class as a pilot, RC motorsport is your credo. IC8 is the fastest and most demanding class in RC Car sports.

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